TLC Day Care Programs




TLC Preschool is a great place to be a kid! Young minds at work! 

Our key program of service is all-day care for your children, coupled with solid educational learning activities in a fun, organized setting. 

While your child is with us, he or she will be engaged in a variety of enjoyable, stimulating, and educational experiences.  There will be quiet times of stories and rest, boisterous times of outdoor play, artistic times of painting and crafts, and all the great things you remember about your own childhood.

Here your child will learn and experience …

  • Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shapes
  • Pre-reading
  • Introduction to Computer
  • Science: rocks, leaves, animals
  • Art, creativity, Pollack painting
  • Coloring with chalk, crayons, water colors
  • Building sets
  • Music
  • Ball games
  • Special displays of their work
  • Birthday piñatas
  • And much more …!

Our goal is for the children to:

  • learn, explore and create
  • count and read
  • play and think individually
  • play with others
  • interact with teachers
  • expand their hearts and minds
  • be happy and grow each day!


learning boy

Special enrichment instruction is available in basic computer skills and music.
Plus, we are open to your ideas about new and interesting things for the children to do!


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