TLC Day Care Admissions




Admission to TLC Preschool

No Application Fee!

TLC Preschool does not charge a fee for receiving your application, which will be reviewed in a timely manner so that you make your plans for child care with us.

Application procedure

We know that above all, you want a safe and secure place for your child to be each day, where he or she can also learn and grow, as well as play and relax. To ensure the safety of the children, certain security measures will give you peace of mind. On the Application for Admission, you will list the adults who have been authorized to drop off and pick up your child each day, such as father and mother. Each person authorized will provide a signature on the check-in/out signature card, and all personal contact information.


TLC Day Care Application Form

Download and print Application Form.
Once you have filled it out, simply bring it into our office. Thank you!

We also want to know about your child's personality, needs, and traits, to enable our teachers to be the best advocates and mentors for your child as possible. After reviewing the written application, which is free of charge (unlike costly fees which other centers often charge), we will have an interview with the parents and the child or children, to get acquainted and further assess the likelihood of our being able to help in your child's development, accommodate his or her needs, observe behavior, ensure potty training, etc. For your security and identification, photos will be taken of parents and child. 

The final step is admission to the center, payment of the first month's tuition, and welcoming your child to the adventure that is TLC!

Children are accepted on a 30-day trial basis, and then enrollment is assumed to continue uninterrupted, unless we are given written notice a month in advance. Since we have the same costs and expenses for teachers, utilities, facilities, etc., whether you utilize the center for part of the day or part of month, there is a flat fee for each month. Adjustments will be made only for a two-week summer holiday, which will be announced via our online TLC Newsletter a month in advance.

Meals & Snacks

We will provide all children with a morning and afternoon snack of milk or juice, along with fruit, vegetable strips, crackers and cheese, etc. The snacks will include a good variety of healthful and nutritious foods. The cost of this food is included in the monthly fee. Let us know of any special dietary needs, and the food costs will be applied to serving the alternative food you provide us.

Please bring a sack lunch each day for your child, in a labeled bag or container. We will provide refrigeration for the lunch and serve it to your child in age-group lunch times.

Tuition Policies

TLC Preschool flexible pricing plan is shown in the table below:


Half day:

Half day:
Full Day
Per month
6 months
paid in advance

Note: Discount for prepayment-- Tuition is lowered by $25/month when prepaying 6 months in advance.

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